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D IV—Distinctive Designs 4 Determined Dwellers—grew out of Leah McVeigh’s passion to impact the lives of individuals coping with mental illness through her expertise in interior design. The 501(c)(3) organization solicits donations of furnishings, accessories and services that can transform the living environments of persons diagnosed with and disabled from mental illness. Through D IV, Leah hopes to not only impact the lives of those dealing with mental disorders, but to create community awareness and public support for this important cause.

MISSION:  D IV is to provide new or gently used/damaged furnishings and accessories along with interior design services to individuals diagnosed with and disabled from mental illnesses and disorders such as: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism, Down Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder and others. These individuals are transitioning through and/or managing their mental illness but may be emotionally or financially incapable of obtaining such furnishings, accessories or services. The intent is to assist in creating an aesthetically appealing home environment that will foster the transitioning process and assist the individuals in leading productive lives and overcoming challenges related to their mental disabilities.

Such individuals will be evaluated and deemed eligible for participation in the program by other non-profit organizations with mental health platforms such as: National Alliance on Mental Illness, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, PTSD Foundation of America and others. Participation in the program will be strictly by referral from such organizations that have identified individuals who need and will benefit from the donated goods and services.

DONATIONS: Donations of furnishings and accessories will come from individuals and corporations who are remodeling their homes or businesses but do not wish to repurpose existing furniture and accessories, and merchants who choose not to reclaim damaged items.

Donations of services will come from practicing interior design professionals and/or interior design students working under the direct supervision of a practicing interior design professional.


For more information about monetary contributions, services or recipients, please contact Leah McVeigh at (833) 573-LMDC.


This organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code or corresponding section of the future federal tax code.


Adults in the US with mental illness



CHERYL and her children, Geraldine and Christopher, left Puerto Rico for the U.S. in 2018 after Hurricane Maria destroyed their home. Following the storm, the family had no electricity or water, and cooked meals on an outdoor gas grill. Despite these difficulties, Cheryl served food to anyone in need and never charged for her kindness.

A job opportunity brought the family to Houston. However, they soon discovered that starting over from scratch was extremely difficult. Hearing the family’s story, D IV got to work. In a six-day period, D IV was able to source all the essentials for setting up house and, through the tremendous generosity of donors and volunteers, comfortably furnish a two-bedroom apartment with every necessity. The result is a stable, secure and inviting environment from which the family can launch a new life.


Michael is an example of how a series of unexpected losses can upend a life. In 2012, Michael’s mother became disabled and Michael began to help his father care for her. At the time, he owned a moving company, which gave him time to assist his mother between gigs. However, he lost his 5-year-old business in 2016. Two months later his brother had a stroke that left him permanently paralyzed from the neck down and unable to speak. Six weeks later his father passed away from pancreatic cancer. Three weeks later his mother died of complications from diabetes. One month later, Michael was diagnosed with kidney failure and is now on dialysis three times a week.

Each setback presented challenges and expenses to the 30-year-old. Despite his difficulties, however, Michael worked graveyard shifts at a security job to pay off his car and rent his own apartment. It was at this point that D IV learned of his situation and stepped in to help. Everything from kitchen basics to home furnishings, linens to lamps, artwork to small appliances were procured. All this was made possible through the generosity of many volunteers and just $846!


Chris served two tours of duty in the United States Marines, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. After returning home, he fell in love and married Mayelli. He also began a new battle against PTSD. Bouts of illness brought his case to the attention of D IV.


Chris and Mayelli were in great need of basic furnishings, including a table and chairs, sofa, desk and proper bed. Since they both serve as youth ministers in their church, they were also looking to provide a suitable meeting space for some youth outreach programs.

With help from many donors and volunteers, D IV created a warm and inviting home replete with a snack and beverage center for their church guests. The apartment was completely redecorated in just one day, at the end of which Chris and Mayelli were treated to “the big reveal.” Disbelief and delight lit up their faces–and the faces of the D IV team that shared their journey.